In order to achieve the objectives of RobotX, a strong partnership of private companies and academic institutions was established, with key, complementary competences in offering complex, end-to-end solutions in the following fields: research, development, system integration and manufacturing.


One of the most important IT&C integrators in the region, Teamnet uses advanced technologies, such as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), GIS (Geographic Information System), Cloud, in delivering complex and innovative IT systems, while answering to specific business or public sector needs.
Through magnitude projects, Teamnet offers solutions that improve performance, solve worldwide key governmental challenges and bring regional societies a step forward into the future. Since 2001, the group has gained expertise in many areas such as public services & government, environment, energy & utilities, transports, agriculture, public safety and healthcare. In addition, since 2006, the Group has been involved in over 30 R&D projects at national and international level.


Covers the following domains: Security Systems, IT & C, Audio – Video & Video Conferencing and Service.

Insoft Development & Consulting

Develops a wide range of IT solutions for education, health and private sector.

Asesoft International

Is an important IT provider, with a rich background in offering integrated systems to over 100 clients, both in the private and public sector.

AFT Design

Is specialized in industrial research and development and has a production unit specialized in manufacturing autonomous systems.

Teamnet World Professional Services

Designs and develops, though its international sales team, high magnitude projects and partnerships, both locally and internationally.

Autonomous Systems

Is a research and development company. Its team of experts conduct innovative projects in robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence in a wide variety of domains.

Teamnet Engineering

Is specialized in general contracting, design, technical support and project management, SCADA installation, construction and installation for roads, energy, transport, utilities and other industry sectors.

University Politehnica of Bucharest

Is an innovation-driven institution, with a strong focus on scientific reseach with a powerful impact over society and technology in the context of its applications.

Expert One Research

Has over 10 years experience in integrated IT systems for document management, electronic archiving and data capture.

Asesoft Technologies

Is specialized in offering consultancy in the field of information technology.

Romtek Business Solutions Advisors

Offers a wide range of integrated solutions: from web programming to hardware infra- structure, network, IT security, audit etc.

Connections Consult

Is specialized in BPP (business process outsourcing) and IT services (IT maintenance, helpdesk, network administration etc.)