Production Unit

PERSPECTIVA 8This project consists in the construction of a factory which actively contributes to reaching the objective regarding increasing the production capacity in the field of autonomous systems and robotics. The production factory is designed to support the production of  150  UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and 95 UMVs (Unmanned Marine Vehicles) per year.

The new space is making available for the members of the Competitiveness Cluster of a space equipped and fitted with the equipment, installations, computer technology, information applications and specific software needed to produce autonomous systems.

The main activities in “The development of the production capabilities in Robotics Systems” project are:

  • The purchase of land necessary for construction;
  • Obtaining building permits and design;
  • The construction of the building;
  • Acquisition and provision of equipment, machinery and utilities;
  • Acquisition and provision of computers, software, knowledge management platform, redesign the internal procedures and processes to address the emerging industry we are entering;
  • Information and publicity of the project.