UAV Design

The project purpose is to provide an autonomous aerial platform of reduced dimensions which can be used in civil as well as military applications.
The main outcome of this project is a small scale pilotless airborne vehicle (miniUAV), characterized by significant functional improvements, as compared to the equipment currently used in the field – the device resulted will have significantly reduced dimensions as compared to other UAV-type of equipment, designed up to now and existing at national level, having higher flight efficiency, reduced weight of the entire assembly, and, at the same time, will offer the possibility to carry a relatively large payload as compared to the size of the drone.
The Aerial Platform consists of:
• Unmanned aerial platform (AV) equipped with specific aircraft systems, Data Link and payload;
• Ground Control Station (GCS) consisting of specific entities for mission and payload control;
• Terrestrial Data Link Terminal and antenna management system;
• Automatic Launcher;
• Logistics.