The partners in RobotX met to discuss the impact of the project

Monday, 29th of June, the first meeting of the partners of the Competitiveness Cluster, took place. Over 20 representatives gathered to discuss the impact and the contribution of the robotics systems developed in the project, in building a better world.
The following industries were identified that can benefit form the designed autonomous systems:

Based on valuable insights regarding these industries, the new autonomous systems contribute to progress in each field:

Benefits for law enforcement: boarder police and coast guard:

  • Reducing the time required to monitor large surfaces
  • Optimizing human resources by correctly sizing the intervention forces
  • Reducing the effort and the resources required for patrolling the areas of interest

Benefits for emergency situations:

  • Cutting down the surveillance costs
  • Saving more human lives
  • Time reduction for collecting aerial images and live video streaming from any area of interest

Benefits for urban development:

  • Reducing the costs to obtain or update cadaster, as compared to other traditional methods
  • Reducing the time to cadaster large surfaces
  • Urban development on height, not only on width (3D cadaster)

Benefits for the Agriculture sector:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better planning of future harvest
  • Diminished risks associated to the crop and insurance bonus loss