• See the world differently

    Save more lives, cut down costs and reduce time to monitor large areas with the help of autonomous systems

  • Building a better future

    through highest quality robotics products

  • Produce UAV and UMV

    The parteners in RobotX build a manufacturing facility to ensure the mass production

  • Design mini-UAV and UMV

    The partners in RobotX designed and developed an integrated min- UAV system and an UMV

RobotX is the brand of "The Competitiveness Cluster in autonomous systems and robotics – Robonet" X

co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund Sectoral Operational Program "Increase of Economic Competitiveness (SOP IEC) 2007-2013 " "Investments for your future"

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Latest News

Teamnet Group announces collaboration with Airbus Defence


The aeronautic and defence company is the provider of the data communication system and on-board computer for Signus prototype Bucharest, 30th of September 2015 – Teamnet Group, a leading IT&C integrator in the region, announces collaboration with Airbus Defence & Space.

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The future of manufacturing with industrial robotics


The AITIIP Technology Centre sited in Zaragoza will become the scene of a factory of the future with the installation of a manufacturing system based on cutting edge industrial robotics, ultra precise and unique in the world due to its characteristics.

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The future of robotics


Robotics is opening up huge potential in important industries and helping to create the world of the future: from generating new jobs to contributing to the progress of medicine, agriculture, logistics and other key areas.

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Teamnet provides Serbia with UAVs for border surveillance


Teamnet Group, one of the major IT&C integrators in the region, has developed and implemented in Serbia a new integrated system for the management of natural disasters at the border between Romania and Serbia, as part of a complex cross border cooperation project for safety in emergency situations.

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UAV spending will nearly double over the next decade


Teal Group’s 2014 market study estimates that UAV spending will nearly double over the next decade from current worldwide UAV expenditures of $6.4 billion annually to $11.5 billion, totaling almost $91 billion in the next ten years.

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