The main components of the UAV systems, components that accompany the aerial platform, are: 

Ground Control Station will provide the following functions:

Mission planning;

Mission transmission aboard the unmanned platform;


Mission monitoring;

Mission changing during the flight;

Reception and storage of specific mission data (orders, control data, video data);

Offline mission analysis for debriefing.

Ground Control Station will be built in a lightweight, shock resistant case.


Ground Data Terminal will provide:

Onboard transmission of mission and ground controls;

Control data reception;

Data transmission for payload control;

Analog or digital video data reception;

Automatic orientation of the antenna on platform azimuth.

Range: min 15 km;

Real time video data transmission / reception;

Real time transmission / reception of flight parameters;



The launch of the platform will be made using an automated catapult;

The launcher will be equipped with an active safety system during the release;

The construction will be modular.