Design mini-UMV

The design of a competitive mini-UMV, targeting a wide variety of application, is one of the main projects intitated by the partners of the Competitiveness Cluster.

UMV System – general presentation (envisaged configuration and performances)schita barca-01

Length: max. 5000 mm;
Weight: max. 1.000 kg;
Propulsion: Electrical / Combustion or combined;
Maximum payload: up to 250 kg;
Endurance: bigger than 180 min;
Operation options: autonomous, manual or combined
Architecture: Boat with sensors, Mobile Data Terminal, Mobile Data Station, logistic support package
Real time transmission range: more than 15 km, depending on Line of Sight (LOS) availability. Data recorded onboard capability
Boat structure: Resin reinforced with fiberglass and Kevlar composite material or inflatable body for some specific applications.
Collision avoidance system integrated
Warning system integrated (radar, acoustic and visible)


Payload Configuration (expected capability):

• Day payload (2 axis stabilized) – which include a 2MP camera, providing real time video stream during day time.
• Night payload (2 axis stabilized) – which include a specialized night sensor (640 x 480 pixels) able to provide real time video stream during night time.
• High resolution photo camera (2 axis stabilized) – which include a 24MPixel camera having a rate of up to 10 Pictures/s.
• Laser pointer (2 axis stabilized) – at request it may be Laser designator.
• Specialized sensors for bathymetric parameters and environmental monitoring
• Capability to collect water samples from different depths.
• Camera for underwater inspection.
• Mine detection sensors or naval mine ware fare equipment (military applications only)